Vintage Decorating Ideas For the farmhouse

05 Jan

Modern farmhouse decor is all about putting the "ergonomics" back into the theme of your own home. With its focus on materials and "organic" design, your modern farmhouse can really shine! Many people are beginning to discover that country is not only a setting to enjoy the seasons, but it can be a place where you can truly relax, connect with your heritage, and enjoy the outdoors in all its glory. You don't have to live in the country to enjoy the beauty and charm of a well-designed farmhouse, however; if you want to inject some character into your space, take a cue from the New England colonial style and use it as the basis for your new outdoor living area.

In fact, the biggest changes you'll see in farmhouse decor may come from the way you treat the living room furniture. In particular, this area seems to be one of the main areas of most visual changes thanks to the recent trend of "cottage style" furniture. Cottage style furniture encompasses a number of different items, including: chairs, sofas, loveseats, end tables, even lamps! The goal with using cottage style furniture is to provide an inviting, homey atmosphere while making sure your guests feel comfortable. Check out more about these decorating ideas at

One of the things that makes this style so appealing is the furniture's natural placement within the home. Unlike a lot of furniture pieces that need to sit up high or lay on the floor, these pieces are typically laid in-between a pair of cabinets (or between a kitchen sink and a fireplace, for example). While this provides some degree of practicality, the real strength of these pieces comes from the natural line of the pieces. As such, a lot of farmhouse decor focuses on maximizing this natural line, putting together pieces that seem to flow from room to room. In most cases, you can find elements such as wooden blinds or open shelving to help create this flow. In addition, the lack of square footage means that you're generally not constrained by the height or width of pieces - meaning that you can put together a more complicated set-up without taking up too much space. Find details about this style now on this website.

Because of the inherent natural line of the pieces, you can also mix and match many of these pieces to achieve various stylistic effects. Most importantly, farmhouse decor seems to put a lot of emphasis on coordinating accents and coordinating color schemes between rooms. In fact, most often you'll find farmhouse style furniture paired with wrought iron accents, perhaps with touches of brown and rust. If you want to go all out, try pairing metallic touches with the wood and distressed finishes. However, if you're not looking to go that route, simply choose wood accents in warm neutral tones like brown and ivory - or even match them with wicker or rattan pieces. The goal with Farmhouse styled decor is to create an inviting environment that's both welcoming and functional; accent pieces should only help add to that feeling.

To draw the line between Farmhouse decor and traditional interior design, it helps to understand some of the basic elements involved. For instance, the concept of natural materials used in farmhouse style decorating typically refer to those materials that are durable and relatively easy to clean. Neutral tones of paint and wood that are slightly distressed can be used for accents. In general, rustic finishes (which are very popular in this decorating style) are applied to the walls and floors; furniture is made with wood that's either painted or distressed. Finally, you should choose items that coordinate and contrast with your farmhouse style.

Of course, one of the key components of farmhouse style decor is the use of heavy, dark woods and distressed finishes. Therefore, you should look for flea market items such as chests of drawers, old farmhouse tablecloths and chairs, old metal serving platters, coffee mugs and bowls with wooden spoons. You can complement this vintage decor with lamps that feature aged brass, iron, or porcelain shades. The lamp shade could be a stencil that you paint over or simply use as the entire shade. By using flea market accessories and coordinating furniture, your home will be on trend with an old-world farmhouse touch. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here:

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