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05 Jan

The heart and soul of any true gourmet kitchen is its kitchen decor. Whether you are seeking romance and tranquility or you seek culinary stimulation and inspiration, nothing beats an inviting, comfortable and cozy kitchen. Farmhouse kitchen style truly invites you to step back to enjoy life at its finest, right in your very own backyard. If you're ready to take the plunge into redecorating your kitchen haven, check out carefully selected list of the hottest farmhouse kitchen decor ideas guaranteed to inspire and delight. The Reclaimed Farmhouse firm will provide you with the top kitchen decor ideas.

Farmhouse kitchen decor is perfect for both the adventurous spirit and the savvy cook. With over-the-top fixtures and bold accents, you will find classic designs and antique finishes that evoke images of simpler times. Rustic woods, brick accents and earthy tones are common farmhouse touches that bring a warm ambiance to your kitchen. Delicate whitewashed cabinetry and vintage iron furnishings lend a dash of country charm. For a romantic breakfast bar, consider stools with decorative wooden legs and a whimsical wooden handle. Or if you seek to create a modern-day chef's haven, try an eggcrate countertop and vintage refrigerator magnets. 


Country kitchen decor often centers on a rustic table and chairs with a wooden, laminated table cloth. Rustic tables and chairs with a wood-burning fire pit add a sense of romance to the theme. A country-style kitchen is also well suited to a rustic fitted cupboard. Fitted cabinets with wood detail and open shelves give you plenty of storage options. In addition, consider hanging up a pair of hangers made from colorful wooden slats. These can be used to display handbags, quilts or seasonal decorations.

When looking for ideas for your country kitchen decor, keep an eye out for wrought iron farm sinks and wooden bar stools. These elements make a great combination especially in a farm kitchen setting. In addition to farm sink designs, look for vintage soap dishes and vintage cookbooks. If you are inspired to go vintage but still want modern functionality in your kitchen, try incorporating some stainless steel appliances. A unique blend of rustic and modern kitchen decor creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that you will love to spend time in. Find out more about kitchen decor ideas here:

For a truly authentic country kitchen, look for red cast iron Dutch ovens and old-fashioned silverware. For a more modernized look, consider a black and white painted barstool, a Terra cotta plant stand and a rack of cookbooks. To add whimsy to your kitchen, add a wicker trash can and an old-fashioned shovel and broom. To finish off your country kitchen decor, add some red cinnamon sticks and some ferns to the sink.

If you love the look of metal but prefer a more subtle look, then opt for a metallic finish. For this look, choose a copper pot rack, a metal-plated sink or a large copper pot. Opt for wrought iron designs, if you have a lot of stainless steel appliances in your kitchen. A metal sign on the front of your house can also add a rustic charm to your kitchen decor. Finally, install a copper hotplate on the countertop next to a metal sign. You might want to check out more content related to this article here:

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